ELMAfilm's iPimp available now on DVD

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iPimp, the latest film from independent production company, ELMAfilms has been released on DVD and is available for sale, a spokesman from the Northern California headquarters announced today.

Presented in infomercial style and hosted by August Devereaux, III iPimp’s inventor, the DVD release contains not only the original film, but a sundry of bonus materials, including a “censored” version of the parody. The film also features such notable characters as Cranberry DeLite, Hamish McKuen and Butch Tiffany, among others, each of which represents a different user community of the revolutionary software being touted in iPimp.

“You’d be surprised how many people have actually watched iPimp at screenings and then asked me where they could buy it – not the film, but the software itself,” said Mark D’Elicio, the film’s producer. “Now, they can at least own the DVD!”

Elvis Murks, director of iPimp, added, “This film really resonates with a wide audience and after all, everyone has seen an infomercial that captured their interest – ours keeps you interested and makes you laugh at the same time.”

iPimp’s tag line, “Bringing the world”s oldest profession into the 21st century” has become known far and wide, as the iPimp website receives visitors and fans from around the world expressing interest in owning the DVD.

iPimp can be purchased for $14.99 from ELMAfilms at www.elmafilms.com or at the official iPimp website, www.ipimptv.com.

iPimp DVD coming in October

September 8, 2009  |  iPimp  |  No Comments

At long last, the wait is finally over. iPimp arrives on DVD this October.

Hosted by iPimp inventor August Deveraux III, iPimp showcases what is arguably the most successful software product in the history of mankind. And it has done far more than take the world’s oldest profession into the 21st century… it has changed lives. From the common street whore who is finally turning her life around, to the entrepreneurial couple conducting their business in the spirit of the Godfather, no software has been so life-changing or life-affirming as iPimp.

To find out more about iPimp visit www.ipimptv.com


Worthy of Sacrifice

August 27, 2009  |  Projects  |  Comments Off on Worthy of Sacrifice

Many gays and lesbians who served in the military and returned home ultimately came out of closet. Unfortunately those who failed to return, never had the opportunity. The stories of their lives were lost, their sacrifice unrecognized in the context of who they were.

Worthy of Sacrifice aims to share and preserve their stories and their sacrifices, as told by the families, friends and partners they left behind.

New iPimp Clip: The Influence of Hooking

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We’ve just added a new video clip over at iPimpTV.com! Dr. Milton Pickle, author of the bestselling omnibus Hooking, ruminates on the historical impact of hooking; and how even Motor City could not escape its seductive wiles.

Watch the video.

All new iPimp website!

May 1, 2007  |  Front Page, iPimp  |  2 Comments

ELMAfilms is pleased to announce the new and minty-fresh version of the iPimp website! Sporting more than just new couture, ipimptv.com improves on the original by featuring tons of new content including but not limited to news releases, product information, character bios and never-before-seen video clips and behind the scenes footage from the making of iPimp! Some of the content is adult in nature however, so discretion is of course, advised. 🙂

Visit the new www.ipimptv.com.