And there was much rejoicing…

February 7, 2007  |  iPimp  |  1 Comment

It’s been two long years down this road called iPimp, and we have finally reached it’s end. But now there is a new road, and its called “Festival!” That’s right. At 11:45 PM Thursday night (February 1st for those keeping track), we burned the final DVD and Press Kit to be shipped out to the festivals. iPimp is done.

And who’s on first? The 2007 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival in our own back yard. While not a gay film per se, iPimp is pure camp, and we feel it has the right sensibility that would connect with the LGBT audience. Thirty-one years young, the SF LGBT Film Festival is the perfect first festival to receive our submission. But it certainly won’t be the last.

Over the coming weeks we will be submitting to numerous festivals where we think iPimp has a shot. We’ll post our progress here, every rejection, and more importantly, every acceptance!

But that’s not all. We are also actively working on the iPimp website and hope to launch a new version soon featuring video clips and other exciting features to wet your appetites.

So stay tuned. We’re just getting started!

PSA created for iPimp

July 6, 2006  |  iPimp  |  No Comments

Partnering with ELMAfilms, iPimp has created a public service announcement against the so called Pimp Tax. This piece of legislation sponsored by Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, threatens the world’s oldest profession by allowing the IRS to unfairly target pimps and their employees.

We urge you to watch this PSA and share it with everyone you know. The faster we get the word out the faster we can bring this bill to its knees. It can be viewed currently on YouTube and will soon be available on and other fine sites.

ELMAfilms announces Worthy of Sacrifice

ELMAfilms is pleased to announce the Memorial Day launch of the Worthy of Sacrifice (WOS) website.  WOS was created in support of a film currently in preproduction which documents the stories of LGBT individuals who sacrificed in service of this country, as told in their own words or by the families, friends and partners they left behind.

It is our hope that through both the film and the website we can honor those who served, ensuring that they are never forgotten, and that their sacrifice is no less worthy because of who they are or who they loved.

Please visit for more information, and please forward the site on to those who may have a story to share.

iPimp Filming – Day 7

April 9, 2006  |  iPimp  |  No Comments

Like a fine cheese that has been carefully aged and seasoned, iPimp continues to improve and bear fruit as production enters the home stretch. Principal photography will wrap once iPimp inventor and man-about-town August Deveraux III returns from his month long trip scouting globe for cheap ideas and even cheaper talent.

Today, on the 7th day of production, we meet Isaac Perez and Julia Stein. In a story reminiscent of some of the more light-hearted and inspirational moments of The Godfather, Isaac and Julia describe the formation of LAPimpCa (The Los Angeles Pimp Cartel) and how their business has flourished and prospered thanks to iPimp.

iPimp teaser available online

November 28, 2005  |  iPimp  |  No Comments

ELMAfilms is pleased to announce the first in a series of teaser videos for its upcoming film, “iPimp”  This announcement came from the film’s producer Mark D’Elicio.

“For our devoted fans, followers, friends, family and fanatics, this is like giving them their holiday present early,” D’Elicio stated. “Seriously though, we felt it was time to launch our publicity campaign for this film, as we are getting closer and closer to a final release date.”

When pressed for clarification as to the release date, D’Elicio would only say “Spring 2006.”

The new teaser may be seen at (Please note, link contains adult content. May not be suitable for all viewers)