Moustapha Akkad – Our sincere condolences

November 12, 2005  |  General  |  No Comments

ELMAfilms wishes to extend condolences to the family of Moustapha Akkad, who died this week at the age of 75.  Akkad died directly as a result of the recent terrorist bombings in Jordan.  We at ELMAfilms extend our deepest sympathies to his family as well as the many people who so fondly remember him.

ELMAfilms further wishes to say thank you to Mr. Akkad for producing films that have inspired countless aspiring filmmakers throughout the world.

ELMAfilms partners with Jigsaw Media

July 27, 2005  |  General  |  1 Comment

San Francisco, CA. In an announcement that was not unexpected, ELMAfilms today disclosed that it has reached an agreement with Jigsaw Media to provide creative content and design services to the independent film company.  The agreement provides that Jigsaw Media will become the exclusive provider of design and content for all ELMAfilms branded projects included but not limited to DVD and DVD cover design, DVD menus, website design, and a host of other marketing and promotional collaterals for a five-year period.

“We have been using Jigsaw Media since starting the company in 2000,” stated Mark D’Elicio, Managing Partner of ELMAfilms. “This agreement basically solidifies what we have been doing and will continue to do when it comes to our branding and other design needs.”

ELMAfilms has utilized Jigsaw Media in its last three projects, “ELMAfilms Newsreel,” “Will,” and the award-winning “Razzle Dazzle.”

Jigsaw Media is a professional media design company based in San Francisco California.  Focusing on Web and DVD solutions, Jigsaw Media serves its customers’ needs by taking full advantage of the best each media has to offer. Jigsaw Media also offers print and branding solutions as they complement existing services, particularly for new products and businesses.

ELMAfilms had awarded the creative design services for its latest project “iPimp,” to Jigsaw Media months prior to the announcement today.

“Consistency of look-and-feel is so very important to us, as we build the reputation of this film company as both a creative force in the industry and a strong player vis-à-vis its business model,” D’Elicio said. “Jigsaw Media has been with us since the beginning and has an integral part of our success.”

New iPimp website and online store!

February 14, 2005  |  General, iPimp  |  2 Comments

ELMAfilms is pleased to announce the Valentine’s Day launch of the iPimp website and iPimp online store!

Shooting this spring with a planned release in the Summer of 2005, iPimp will showcase new and exciting software which will marry the world’s oldest profession to today’s newest technology enabling the “pimp” in us all.

In conjunction with the release of iPimp, ELMAfilms will also be launching a companion iPimp website that will drill down deep into iPimp’s features, provide customer testimonials, product comparisons and much much more. A teaser page for the iPimp website is now available online at

But that’s not all. ELMAfilms has also launched a new iPimp store carrying a broad range of products in several snazzy styles and colors. Be sure to get your “bling bling” early and help us spread the buzz about iPimp.

In addition to the new iPimp store, we have added a number of new items to the ELMAfilms and Will stores and have brought them all under one roof at for your convenience. To access the ELMAfilms store… click on the stores link near the top of the page.

Welcome to the redesigned ELMAfilms website!

February 7, 2005  |  General  |  1 Comment

We would like to welcome you to the redesigned ELMAfilms website!

Easier to use and with a more polished look, the new ELMAfilms website provides enhanced galleries (Flash is required), a redesigned filmography and additional links to our online store where you can buy your favorite ELMAfilms branded merchandise.

We’ve also made some behind the scenes changes making it easier to add new features and services while bringing you the latest ELMAfilms news.

As always your comments and feedback on this or any other post is always welcome, as we strive to improve the site and move forward doing what we love… making movies.

We’d also like to thank you for your visiting and your continued patronage. We not only make movies for ourselves, but for you too… our fans.