iPimp tells the story of a revolutionary piece of software which brings the world’s oldest profession into the 21st century, and with gusto. iPimp leverages the latest technology that both geeks and outsourcing provide, Moore’s Law be damned. No feature too small and no expense to great, iPimp is all things to all people. It is a revolutionary piece of software upon which all future software will be modeled and judged.

iPimp has been in development for many years, and has skated well beneath the radar, known only to the rare few in the industry fortunate enough to ply its wares. But now iPimp is ready.

With the love and care normally reserved for newborns, an infomercial was produced touting the features of iPimp. Starring a colorful cast of characters whose lives have been made better by the software, August Deveraux, III takes us on a magical journey through the wonderful world of iPimp.

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